Technical details and DIY tips

Tool boxI’ m not a mechanic and I have never worked with engines or cars other than changing a flat tyre………..but I realised that for a trip around Australia I had to try to understand my vehicle as much as I could. You can’t always rely on a mechanic in the outback and sometimes, saving those few hundred bucks for a simple installation, gives you more petrol money to go further.

So……..i did a lot of research, mostly online via Google and YouTube actually and managed to install almost all the mods myself in perfect working condition. Although, most of the websites that I went on swear that it only takes 5 minutes………it’s not true. It takes a few hours for most of them and a lot of patience.

I’ll try then to explain how these jobs went and give more confidence to people like me that were very scared about coming into close contact with their car even with a small screwdriver.

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